Noturna is a single style text typeface for editorial use. It was designed loosely based on the hand made lettering used extensively in “Noturno”, a photonovel magazine which ran in Brazil in the 1940s.

Contrast in stroke thickness is moderate, and at an angled axis like in an Old Style face, but Noturna has no serifs. Instead, it’s terminals swell up into bulbous shapes, like the ink blots in the original.

In the tightly-set original text boxes, the letterer would sometimes bend ascenders forward to prevent them from clashing with letters on the previous line, these designs were incorporated into OpenType ligatures to prevent character clashing in pairs like /ft /fl/ /ff/ and /fi/.

Other alternative characters were included to create paragraphs as lively as the handmade originals, all through automatic deployment via OpenType features.

Noturna was commissioned, designed for and is temporarily licensed exclusively to Pitomba! a publishing house in Maranhão, Brazil.