The agency The Beautiful Meme put together a happening at the Design Museum in London called "It's okay, we're all friends here", and they invited a team of type designers from Dalton Maag to occupy a couple of walls in the museum with chalk lettering.

Attendees of the event would answer a series of yes-or-no questions in order to trade their personal information for currency, no cash allowed.

The data collected from everyone was then compiled in real time, and sent to us in the form of statements, which we then were required to letter onto a big chalk mural, live for all to see.

Many thanks to everyone at The Beautiful Meme, the Design Museum and Dalton Maag for the opportunity to take part in this.

"It's Okay We Are Wall Friends Here" was a happening created by The Beautiful Meme for the Design Museum London.

Photographs by India Hobson and the Dalton Maag team. Lettering by the Dalton Maag Team.