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Discórdia is a type-family based on contrasting contrasts. Each of the three – soon to be four – members of the family have different contrast types. It is the first typeface released by Naipe Foundry.

It's Regular has broad-nib contrast, the Bold has horizontal contrast, while the Italic is monoline, which is to say that it has no apparent contrast.

In the 1500s it was not uncommon to see different styles used side by side to create emphasis. One famous example is in the books printed in Mexico around that time by master printer Antonio de Espinosa, in which blackletter type was used on the same lines as roman type to create the same effect of a bolder variant like we would use today.

In this forgotten tradition, Discórdia aims to break current type classification boxes and remind us that emphasis and hierarchy in type-setting can be achieved in more ways than the simple linear progression of weights and widths.

These three variants have structural differences that blur the lines of type classification but were carefully fine-tuned to work well together on the same line, making this a mini-super-family containing a wedge-serif regular, a slab-serif bold and a sans-serif italic.