Bonde is a typeface in nine different widths. It is the result of a year long research project on the hand painted lettering used in Rio de Janeiro tramways between 1868 and 1966.

The carioca engineers who lettered the original signs used compression and expansion of letters so that station names of all sizes would occupy the same horizontal space.

Because they didn't have lettering training or a model to follow, they had to come up with their own unique solutions for the problem of width variation in letterforms.

Bonde applies these quirky and ingenious designs to a multi width type family, but adapts letterforms for contemporary use in their original function: signage and wayfinding.

Following the original designs, Bonde includes upper-case, true small caps and superscript.

Going beyond them, it also features basic puntuation, tabular numerals, monetary symbols, portuguese diacritics, and a sweet .notdef glyph.

The planned extension includes the lower-case, more support to latin based languages, several symbols as well as new weights, already on the way.

Thanks to Rodolfo Capeto, and Gustavo Ferreira for their immense help and guidance.