My name is Álvaro Franca, I'm a designer and visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m getting a masters in Advanced Typography at EINA here in Barcelona, and a post graduate degree at the Expert Class Type Design of the Plantin Instituut in Belgium.

I have two undergraduate degrees from ESDI in Rio, in graphic and industrial design (but let's not talk about this one), and I was also an exchange student at Cambridge School of Art for a year.

While I've studied, I've also worked at places like Dalton Maag, Hipertipo and Jair de Souza, where I had the opportunity to learn a lot working alongside teams that were big and small, and for clients of all sizes.

This was a great training ground and I've since gone freelance, collaborating with brands and studios in Brazil and abroad. My services range from custom type design to illustration commisions, typewriting portraits, book and publication design, lettering logos, painting murals, making videos, doing calligraphy and font production to name the usual ones.

My clients include Sony Music, Relampago, TV Globo,
Leo Burnett, Resistenza, Blackie Books, Oblíquo, Giros and I'd love it if yours could be the next name on this list!

We should work together some time! Drop me a line!

+55 (21) 99104-7057

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(MA) Advanced Typography
EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

(Post-Grad) Expert Class Type Design
The Plantin Institute of Typography
Antwerp, Belgium

(BA) Graphic and Industrial Design
Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(BA) Graphic Design
Cambridge School of Art
Cambridge, United Kingdom